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The Bakersfield Branch

19428 Colombo Street
Bakersfield, CA 93308
Phone: (661) 392.1912
Fax: (661) 392.1874

The Bakersfield branch of California Industrial Rubber Company opened for business on September 1, 1986. Our 15,000-sq. ft. facility is located at 19428 Colombo Street, Bakersfield CA, and services all of Kern County, as well as the Ventura-Oxnard area.

Agriculture and food processing are the primary source of business for CIR Bakersfield. However, the markets of manufacturing, crude oil production and mining also make a significant contribution to our customer base. Major crops grown in this southern portion of the San Joaquin Valley include carrots, potatoes, grapes, almonds, pistachios, cotton and citrus.

California Industrial Rubber prides itself on the high quality of service we provide. Our knowledgeable sales staff, high levels of inventory, delivery and 24-hour call-out services make us invaluable to our customers. The Bakersfield branch offers a unique abrasive coating service for vegetable peeling equipment, in addition to standard inventory items which include conveyor belting, hose, boots and rainwear.

Russell Lemburg
Branch Manager

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The Fresno Branch

2539 S. Cherry
Fresno, CA 93706
Phone: (559) 268.7321
Fax: (559) 268.2619

The Fresno branch of California Industrial Rubber is the oldest in the company. The first store opened in 1958, but burned down in 1972. The business then moved to 2732 Cherry Avenue, where our Corporate offices, Central Manufacturing & Warehouse facilities are currently located. In January 1993, the branch moved into its current home at 2539 South Cherry Avenue.

Fresno County is the number one county in agriculture sales in the nation, so it goes without saying that most of our sales are related to agriculture in some way. The marketplace we service has a great deal of food processing companies such as beef and poultry processors, fruit & vegetable packers, wineries, nut processors, bakeries and milk processors. In addition to the previously mentioned industries, we also serve the construction trade, sand & gravel industry, cotton gins and the local OEM trade.

Our staff is one of many backgrounds and many years of service & experience. We are housed in a 21,000 sq. ft. warehouse with 1/2 milion dollars in inventory, and another 1.5 million dollars in inventory just down the street in our warehouse facility.

Also located a short distance from us is our manufacturing facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for splicing and cleating thermoplastic conveyor belts, with delivery times that are second to none in the industry.

We take great pride in our service and quality products, and we are constantly looking to the future in an effort to serve our customers better.

Jim Williams
Branch Manager

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The Merced Branch

2280 Cooper Avenue
Merced, CA 95348
Phone: (209) 722.8844
Fax: (209) 383.4625

The Merced Branch of California Industrial Rubber Company opened for business in the spring of 1990. With hard work and dedication, we have become a leading supplier of industrial rubber products and more, for a wide range of customers.

Agriculture, in many forms, plays a major role in California, from the farmer in the field to the food processing plant and the OEMs who manufacture the equipment. We work closely with our customers in all these areas. Other industries we work with include sand & gravel, lumber, and meat & poultry, and many others.

With a staff of experienced people, we are able to handle most anything that comes our way. This means you, as the customer, will continue to receive the high level of service and quality products you have come to expect!

Rocky Hafer
Branch Manager

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The Sparks Branch

305 East Glendale Avenue
Sparks, Nv. 89431
Phone: (775) 356.0192
Fax: (775) 356.0595

With the opening of our Sparks facility on June 1, 1998, California Industrial Rubber Company expanded its branch operations outside of California. With our 24-hour on-call service and support from our corporate warehouse, central manufacturing facility, 5 other sales/service facilities and most importantly our entire C.I.R. staff, who have been working with manufacturers, distributors and end users throughout the United States for over 50 years, we have a great team.

The Sparks branch has a vast inventory of industrial rubber products and associated items in stock for immediate delivery or shipment. We have the equipment and trained personnel to prepare and install conveyor belting of all specifications, vulcanize belt splices of all types in-shop or in the field, line chutes and hoppers with a variety of natural rubber compounds or polyurethane, make gaskets for most applications, and make hose assemblies for air, fuel, hydraulics, sewage, water, etc..

C.I.R.'s continuous investment in inventory, equipment, education, and training has made us a very dynamic supplier. Please give us a call and we will show you the customer service and quality products that have made us a leader in our field.

Don Biehle
Branch Manager

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The Tulare Branch

4500 South "K" Street
Tulare, CA 93274
(559) 686.1677
(559) 686.0237

The Tulare branch of California Industrial Rubber Company was opened in January of 1971 in a 12,000-sq. ft. building on "J" street in Tulare, California. This branch was established to better serve our customers in the southern San Joaquin Valley of California. In June of 1975, the business moved into a 25,000-sq. ft. building at 4500 South "K" street, which we still occupy.

Agriculture and ag-related business is our largest market. Tulare County, the largest dairy-producing county in the nation, has thriving citrus, cotton, grape and nut industries, and produces many other crops and products.

We carry a large stock of industrial rubber products, such as conveyor belting, industrial hoses, rubber sheeting, plastic sheeting, rainwear, and footwear. We are able to make hose assemblies, such as hydraulic hoses, air hoses and water hoses for our customers' need on a will-call or delivery basis.

Blaine Coffman
Branch Manager

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The Yuba City Branch

1690 Sierra Avenue
Yuba City, CA 95993
Phone: (530) 674.2444
Fax: (530) 674.1645

The Yuba City branch of California Industrial Rubber opened in 1982, when owner Bob Edmunds merged with Valley Industrial Rubber Company, owned by Larry and Carol Ann Cain. In 1989, we moved to a new, larger 16,000-sq. ft. facility.

Our primary markets are agriculture, lumber, sand & gravel, farm equipment manufacturing (OEM), industry and food processing. 

Andy Campos
Branch Manager

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The Central Manufacturing Facility

The Central Manufacturing Facility of CIR opened in March of 1993. It is loaded with state-of-the-art equipment and well trained personnel that fabricate many quality, CIR products which are then shipped to our branches for sale to the public.

Central Manufacturing produces specialty items for the Agricultural and Industrial markets of California. The majority of these items are inexpensive replacement parts for many types of machinery ranging from shaker pads, slings and belting for nut harvesting equipment, pick-up and discharge belts for grape harvesters, as well as many specialty belts for conveying equipment of all types. The facility houses upwards of a million dollars worth of a wide variety of conveyor belting, including but not limited to Monofilament & Nylon Core Belting, Light weight & plied PVC belting, rubber and PVC incline belting and heavy rubber belt. In addition to this belting inventory, Central Manufacturing also has a complete line of cleating and guide materials including, but no limited to, PVC cleats up to 4", v-guides (regular and notched), curved cleats, scoop cleats and side flanges which are attached to the belt by machinery that heats the guide or cleat and the belt to form a heavy duty bond when attached.

We also have a complete die shop where dies can be purchased by customers for a one time fee and then used to punch gaskets and other items out of most any type of material CIR sells. The die shop is complete with two punch presses that have the capability of producing several thousand pieces per day.

The Central Manufacturing Facility of CIR also houses a Central Splicing division. This division is made up of highly trained individuals with training in the area of belt splicing and on-site projects. This staff can be dispatched and be at a customers site within hours to splice a belt while it is still on the equipment. This can save you the time and resources of repairing or replacing a belt.

Contact one of the CIR sales branches near you and let them show you what Central Manufacturing can do for you!!!!

Ray Lauzon
Central Manufacturing Manager

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The Corporate Warehouse

Constructed in 1981, the CIR Corporate Warehouse facility in Fresno has acted as a central distribution warehouse for our sales branches. Contained in this 20,500 square foot warehouse is over a million dollars worth of CIR products in bulk quantities that are waiting to be shipped to our branches for sale to the public.

The warehouse also has the capabilities of shipping product direct to customers in emergency situations via U.P.S. or Freight. The Corporate Warehouse has, at its disposal, a 13-ton delivery truck. This truck is on the road 5 days a week delivering product to our sales branches. However, it has also been used in the past to deliver large orders to customers in California due to cost or time constraints.

Let CIR show you how the Corporate Warehouse facility keeps us a step ahead of the competition by keeping cost down and the service level to our customers up!

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The Corporate Office

CIR's Corporate Office facility is also located in Fresno, California. Our Corporate Office staff is a small but effective group. This staff, made up of  highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals, provides support for our sales branches throughout California and Nevada.

Our Corporate staff has the responsibility of performing numerous tasks that relieve our sales branches of many time consuming and costly duties. In addition, the staff is continually striving to improve our overall service to customers.

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